Posted On 04 Jul 2013


Under the authority vested in me by Section 105-369 of the North Carolina General Statues and pursuant to an order of the Board of Commissioners of the Town of Youngsville, dated June 11, 2013, I am hereby advertising tax liens for the year 2012 upon the real estate described below.
The real property parcel subject to the lean, the name of the parcel’s owner as of January 6, 2013 (and/or the names of subsequent owners,) and the amount of taxes due are set out below. The amount advertised represents only the principal taxes for tax year 2012 that were unpaid as of June 24, 2013. The actual amount owed by the taxpayer will be increased by all taxes owned for prior tax years and by all applicable interest, costs, and fees. The omission of prior years’ taxes and interest, costs and fees from the amount advertised will not constitute a waiver of the taxing unit’s claim for these items.
If the Taxes remain unpaid, the tax collector will use all available collection remedies to collect the delinquent taxes, including the levy on personal property, the garnishment of wages, the attachment of bank accounts, rents, debts, or other property and the foreclosure and sale of the real property. These collections procedures do not apply to taxpayers subject to pending federal bankruptcy petitions.
When a parcel was subdivided after January 1, 2012, and the ownership of one or more of the resulting parcels were transferred, the amount of the tax lien on each parcel, as shown in this advertisement, is the amount of the lien on the original parcel as it existed on January 1, 2012, and is subject to adjustment when the taxes are paid or the lien is foreclosed.
This, the 11th day of June, 2013.
Emily Hurd
Tax Collector
Sallie Debnam Heirs, Lot N. College St. 72.16
Nettie J. Dunn, 201 E Persimmon Street 111.33
Gail Hudson Faircloth, 424 S Cross Street 689.06
E.M. & Sheryl Friedricks, 119 E Main Street Bal. 5.66
James & Geraldine Griffis, Lot N College Street 63.96
Will H Harris Heirs, 207 S Nassau Street 87.96
Nellie Beatrice Hicks, 209 E Persimmon Street 470.17
Ronnie & Kelly Johnson, 251 Park Avenue 761.63
Ronnie & Kelly Johnson, 235 Park Avenue 532.77
Gertrude P. Jones/Louis Jones, 212 E Persimmon Street Bal. 122.22
Lillie Lawrence, 519 N College Street 209.21
Vickie Lawrence, 517 N College Street 182.43
Regions Financial Corporation, 130 Camille Circle 191.75
Clarence Howard Rudd, 120 W Pine Street 50.80
Trico Investments Inc., 112 SW Railroad Street 358.90
Trico Investments Inc., 113 W Main Street 421.14
Trico Investments Inc., 113-117 W Main Street 396.60
Trico Investments Inc., 107 W Main Street 311.23
Trico Investments Inc., 109 W Main Street 8.50
Eddie & Kimmie Weiss, 424 S College Street Bal. 506.11
Welsh Paper, 112 Franklin Park Avenue 13792.25
Welsh Realty, 131 Franklin Park Avenue 6291.58
Welsh Realty, 400 Park Avenue 9968.82
Welsh Realty, 132 Franklin Park Drive 8083.00
Kearney Helon Heirs, 203 S Nassau Street 85.31
Elaine & James Williams, Lots 17 Thru 23 S Cross Street 154.17
Robert & Deborah Young, 329 S Nassau Street 192.81

Total $44,121.53

The Wake Forest Weekly
July 4, 2013