Common core and other threats

Posted On 11 Jul 2013
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by Russell Capps

Unwelcome surprises are constantly being sprung upon us every day. There’s this fairly new concept called “Common Core” being pushed upon the states by the feds to take more control of our children. I would suspect that very few folks even have heard of it at this point.

However, like many loser programs in the past to take over public schools’ curriculum, Common Core is a rotten apple in the barrel that needs your attention now while there is time to stop it.

Common Core is not new. The only thing new is the name and the fact that no parent, community, school board or legislator had any participation in this unproven educational fad.

So just what is Common Core? Think of it as an operating system provided by the federal government. This federal voluntary mandate provided in stealth as part of the previous loser program, Race to the Top, contains a number of elements.

The list includes: no community or parental participation, one-size-fits-all training, no proven test method, intrusive data mining with unknown costs, and replaces literature texts with technology manuals — but all at what cost?

Although these items are dangerous, they are merely diversions to the real danger, which is content and method of learning. Experts concerned about this new threat to public education warn that the materials under the program are anti-American and based on communism or socialism.

Progressives running the schools are not interested in a well-rounded child with understanding of American morality and government. They are only interested in creating human capital, able to work for government-sanctioned corporations now running the government and education. Instead of a program that encourages students to think and learn, the method in Common Core is to push predetermined responses the progressives want to indoctrinate into the minds of our youth.

The true purpose of education from our founding fathers was the study of politics and religion so Americans could monitor their representatives effectively and participate in government, insuring freedom, liberty and morality would never be lost.

If civics was taught in school today, the legislators would follow the Constitution and America would be a free society as it was intended to be and was for America’s more than 150 years. Common Core would push us further down the wrong road and should be stopped now.

Take time to look into this threat and prepare to stand against it.

Another threatening issue is Obama’s dangerous foreign policy of funding the Muslim Brotherhood in Africa with $1.5 billion American tax dollars, and his sending of military equipment — including F-16s — to arm President Morsi, who abused his own people.

The huge financial aid imposes Obama’s favored religion, Islam, in Morsi’s sham constitution and creates severe persecution against Coptic Christians whom they accuse of “blasphemy” against the false prophet Muhammad.

The people have arisen in huge protests ousting Morsi and the chaos boils. Can America survive under such seriously flawed foreign policy?

—J. Russell Capps is president of the Wake County Taxpayers Association.

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