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Posted On 04 Jul 2013
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To the Editor:
I take exception to Lt. Gov. Dan Forest's letter to the editor in the June 27 edition of The Wake Weekly. The idea "ill-conceived" was the concept of issuing public critique with unfounded assertions. The "awarding drivers’ permits to illegal aliens" is incorrect and entirely misleading. Substitution of "requirement" for "awarding" gives true intent of the legislation in question.

Paragraphs describing illegal aliens flocking to our state to work illegally, evading the E-verify system and taking false advantage of social welfare have no basis in fact. This Restricted Driver Permit is to be so constructed and marked as to identify the bearer as an illegal alien. By default alone this disallows employment and social services based on this permit. The assumption of "flocking" here to meet requirements of criminal background checks, fingerprinting, etc. is ludicrous.

Our legislators are doing what they said they would do. I fully support freedom of speech, but critiques from our executive branch on ongoing legislation are better served within the political bounds of our legislative process. I respect our lieutenant governor and believe him to be an honorable man. I do encourage him to look into his staff or wherever he relies for factual information immediately.


Art Wilson
Fuquay Varina

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