Why do they keep calling?

Posted On 11 Jul 2013
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by Jean McCamy

Remember the no-call list? Wasn’t it nice? Where did it go?

After a nice hiatus from those annoying, intrusive, unwanted calls, there seems to be an acceleration of them again.

I usually don’t answer the phone when it rings around 2 p.m., because that seems to be the favorite time for someone to yell into my ear, “Don’t hang up!” I have no idea why I’m not supposed to hang up, because that is exactly what I do.

Then there is the ominous sounding voice that joins us around mealtime and starts in giving statistics on home break-ins. I suppose “the voice” is going to tell me how to prevent it, but I never hang around to find out.

Another favorite of mine is the call that, as soon as I pick up the phone, tells me to hold for the next available operator. Really? If I call you, I’m prepared to be put on hold. I may not like it, but I am prepared. But if you call me, why should I stop what I am doing to wait for you? I don’t think so.

We also get repeated calls trying to sell things to a business that has been closed for more than a dozen years. I always feel a little sorry for the people who have been given a list that contains such useless contact names. It seems that no matter how many times we request it and how many times they promise it, they are unable to purge us from the list

Even with the no-call list in effect, there were still calls giving you the chance to improve your credit card interest or extend your magazine subscription or some other opportunity from companies you already did business with. Those calls still come, but they have been rejoined by so many others. What a bother, and who decided that the no-call list expired?

—Jean McCamy is a Wake Forest artist.