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LETTER: Clean energy workforce needs jump-start

LETTER: Juneteenth commemoration shouldn’t cost a cent

LETTER: Congress can prevent coming homelessness tidal wave

LETTER: Christians cannot overlook Trump’s immoral words

LETTER: Bob Allen gone, not forgotten

LETTER: Trump knows freedom isn’t free

LETTER: Older adults can prevent falls

LETTER: History shows slavery incidental to war

LETTER: All voting should be by mail

LETTER: Forks has right to ban Confederate flag

LETTER: Confederate defenders not entitled to different facts

LETTER: Rolesville board should just decide already

LETTER: Forks exclusion hurtful, discriminatory

LETTER: Rejecting Confederate group reeks of national self loathing

LETTER: Outdoor markets could keep businesses afloat

LETTER: Opioid deaths ignored during pandemic

LETTER: GOP loses vote for second cycle

LETTER: Small critters can teach us about ourselves

LETTER: Cooper’s virus plan better than nation’s

LETTER: We must care for the green gift of trees

LETTER: Unjust virus restrictions will put me out of business

LETTER: Wake Forest’s beauty revealed on neighborhood walks

LETTER: Wake Forest tax cut counterintuitive during pandemic

LETTER: Tillis has strong record on health care

LETTER: More ‘unsung heroes’: Group home staff

LETTER: Workers kept safe if we eat less meat

LETTER: Correctional nurses need more than thanks

LETTER: Writer needlessly panics at health care reform

LETTER: Tillis ought not thwart health care law

LETTER: Planet pride begins on our plates

LETTER: Tillis must protect the ACA

LETTER: Exercise boosts our immune systems

LETTER: New event spreading fear, not cheer

LETTER: Voting machines are worthless

LETTER: OK’ing 900 new homes is not OK

LETTER: Paper’s cold shoulder to GOP signals bias

LETTER: It’s not too late to fix our parks

LETTER: Don’t be misled by socialism

We appreciate those who help feed

When the impact of a protest harms others, where is the line drawn?

A salute to our veterans

John Hood

Sparks fly in state treasurer debate

RALEIGH — The person who manages most of state government’s financial assets — the $107 billion pension fund for state and local employees, for starters — is not an appointee …
Section 230 is “essential to having sites that feature comments from users,” First Amendment lawyer Ken White explained in a Friday post on his Substack site. “And people are absolutely flat-out lying to you about what it says, and what it means, for political advantage.”

Don't mistake moderators for censors

With so-called censors like these, who needs publicists? Facebook and Twitter are under the microscope for suppressing links to an unverified news story alleging Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden …
Tom Campbell

Justice in selecting judges

Perhaps the most overlooked elections, ranking just slightly ahead of Soil and Water Conversation District commissioners, are those of judges. This year, our judicial elections may be among the most …
Cartoon by Rob Tornoe for America's Newspapers

For election coverage, newspapers get my vote

There is more content available today about the upcoming election than likely in any previous cycle. While we could fill this page with media sources that have some type of information about the …

Weekly Devotional: God never lies

1 Timothy 1:1-2 (ESV) “Paul, a servant of God and an apostle of Jesus Christ, for the sake of the faith of God’s elect and their knowledge of the truth, which accords with godliness, in hope …
Jean McCamy
Views and Reviews

Debate Fly may be among history’s buzziest bugs

About that fly! I think there is pretty universal agreement that he won the vice presidential debate last week, but what do we really know about him? What is his name? Was he there with a message for …
The Old Well on campus at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill is shown in this file photo. UNC officials have lost a lawsuit brought by media outlets seeking the names of students the university has disciplined for sexual misconduct.

Will high court allow 'double secret probation' for sexual misconduct?

Should public colleges be able to keep records from their secretive Title IX tribunals under lock and key, or do students have a right to know when their classmates are found responsible for sexual …
Patricia Schoch

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Once every three seconds. Twenty times a minute. One in four women. One in seven men. These figures help define the scope of domestic violence, or intimate partner violence as it is also called, …
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